Finally found a nice pattern that offers newborn size. This Sweet Baby Jane sunsuit by Sara Norris Limited is gorgeous and I instantly fall in love with it!  I love anything with a big bow on it. And the ruffles at the back make the sunsuit extra cute! 

It is another easy sew, just need to spend more time on the ruffles. I would definitely make a few more for my daughter.

Months earlier I have bought this Bubble Dress pattern from Straight Grain. The same shop I got the Lua Sleep Sack pattern. I finally have time to work on it yesterday. It is an easy pattern and the instructions is very easy to follow. I finished the dress in about two hours!

The smallest size of the pattern is 1Yr. I let Evan tried it on (sorry, son, your sister is too small to model it) and it is a bit loose on him (he is 16 months now).

My first try on sewing leather. It was not as hard as I imagined, just need to change the setting for the sewing machine, such as using leather needle, Teflon foot, and long stitch length. These baby moccasins are based on the Baby Bow Moccasins Pattern I found on Etsy. I followed the pattern to make the bow version and modified it to make the fringe version. 

I made the size 0-3 months for both pairs and plan to modified the pattern to make different styles in bigger size.

In preparing the arrival of Evan's sister, I made these two sleep sacks over weekend with the Lua Sleep Sack pattern by Straight Grain. The pattern comes in 3 sizes from newborn up to 2 year old. These two sleep sacks are size 6m -1Y and I lined them with a thin 100% cotton batting which should be good for use in air-conditioning room at summer time. 

Instead of using an invisible zip as instructed, I used a two-way separator zip so it can be opened at the end of the sleep sack.

This is rattle bunny is a free crochet pattern by Lanukas. You can scroll down to the bottom for the English pattern. As I don't have any cotton yarn at home, I used wool yarn for this rattle bunny.

I started this Amineko (Japanese for "crocheted cat") project long time ago...back in 2013 and finally finished it in 2015. The pattern comes in two size, a normal size Amineko and a jumbo version. 

My Amineko is the jumbo version, but that's not the reason why it took so long to finish. The crochet part was easy, just simple single crochet stitches with increase and decrease. The main reasons why it took so long is because it took me a long while to get plastic pellets for stuffing.

Once I resumed sewing again, it is so hard to stop! There are so many lovely sewing patterns for baby girls and I just can't stop! 

Up next are 2 sets of ruffle bum with matching headband that I made for Evan's sister and my good friend's daughter. Can't wait to see them wearing the ruffle bums. Must be very cute! 

The ruffle bum pattern is from Tadah Patterns and the headband pattern is from Gracie May Patterns.

Friends commented that I didn't sewn anything for Evan. It is not my fault, but I really have difficultly finding any cute sewing patterns for boys. I spent days looking for a good pattern at Etsy but with no luck. At the end, I found this Little Stars Pants Pattern by Puperita and adjusted the pattern to make it more suitable for boys. 

For the trial run, I used dark blue cotton to match with a Japanese style wave print cotton for the hem and pockets.

I didn't have much time to blog about my projects since Evan was born last year. I have made him a few crochet and fabric toys, just didn't get around to post them here. But really, it has been a long while since I have sewn anything. I saw this Haven dress pattern from Etsy and I know I have to make this, because Evan's sister is on the way. Yay!

Sewing for kids is much easier than sewing for myself. It only took me one day to finish this gorgeous dress.

So I saw these vintage velvet ring boxes in various colors that I really like, but they are sell at US$75 per box and additional US$25 if you want to add a monogram on the lid. I figure maybe I can make my own, so there it is.

Materials: 1mm cardboard, 4 cm wide velvet ribbon, 4 cm wide ribbon with matching color, gold embroidery thread, scrap white satin cloth, doubles-side tape, masking tape, glue gun, scissors, ruler.